Nothing can be better than outdoor recreation with family and friends. When it comes to outdoor recreation, none can be as enjoyable as the inflatable twister. To play inflatable twister you do not need to memorize many rules, making it ideal for picnics and fine Sunday evenings. How to play inflatable twister An inflatable playing mat, consisting of 64 colored dots (8 rows×8 columns) is all you need apart from a wheel, provided along with the mat. The wheel, spun at the beginning of the game indicates the colours that are to be touched by a player, using both hands and feet. Winner is the one who can stay in his/her position for the longest time. Advantages of the gameA number of people can play inflatable twister together, unlike many traditional games.The equipments required can be easily carried in a bag and durable models come at easily affordable prices. So it is time to grab your own set and prove your excellence.


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